Become a Volunteer

We serve students with the assistance of nearly 300 generous community volunteers willing to devote their time to helping young people excel. 

Our volunteers come from different backgrounds and are equipped with different skill sets, but they all are committed to contributing to the education and growth of our students. If you are interested in volunteering, consider which opportunity is the best fit for you. In addition to the roles listed here, opportunities arise throughout the year for volunteers to lend a hand with various events and activities for our students. Let us know how you’d like to help by completing the Volunteer Information Form at the bottom of this page.

Volunteering Opportunities

  • Become a GUIDES mentor. GUIDES – Gearing Up Individuals to Drive for Educational Success – mentors assist high school seniors with the college, financial aid, and scholarship application processes. A mentor works with one or two students at a time to ensure key steps are taken correctly and promptly, and they meet on a monthly basis with their mentees.
  • Be a career speaker. We are always looking for community members who can bring their story to our students and tell them about the career path they have chosen. We aim to give students a variety of viewpoints and to expose them to a range of life experiences. When you talk to students about the keys to success in your chosen field, you can inspire them to open their minds to new career possibilities.
  • Serve as an essay editor. Applying to colleges is a daunting task, and the essay component often produces particular anxiety. Work with our students to create essays that tell their stories and demonstrate to colleges the unique strengths they can bring to campus.
  • Run a workshop. We host an assortment of workshops to help our students in areas as diverse as dining etiquette, job interview techniques, and the dynamics of a college classroom. Bring your expertise to the workshop setting and give students the inside knowledge they need to be confident and successful no matter the setting.

Volunteer Information Form

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