PFF changes the lives of everyone involved. From the young people who enroll in the program to the mentors who help prepare them for college and the workplace, we enrich the future of our community.

Top 5 Reasons to become a PFF corporate or community partner:

  1. Mentor highly motivated students
    Help them acquire business skills.
  2. Challenge your employees
    Those who mentor PFF students learn as much about students’ lives as students do about the world of work.
  3. Strengthen your company
    Many companies are so pleased that they ask students to work during the school year or after graduation.
  4. Develop our city’s workforce
    Influence talented, dedicated youth who will become our leaders of tomorrow.
  5. Build a better community!

How our corporate and community partners help:

  • Businesses provide PFF students paid job experiences for three consecutive summers.
  • During the internship, each student is expected to have a workplace mentor and learning and developmental opportunities.
  • Some companies also sponsor students to work at other locations, such as non-profit organizations.
  • Corporate partners contribute to the PFF scholarship fund that matches students’ savings and provides additional scholarship money to current PFF students and graduates.
  • Sponsors’ employees provide one-on-one counseling through GUIDES (Gearing Up Individuals to Drive for Educational Success), helping PFF Seniors complete college, scholarship and financial aid applications.

We’re always looking for additional community and corporate partners. If you’re interested in finding out more about how you can help, contact

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