Our Mission:

To provide high-potential high school students from challenging circumstances in the metro-Richmond area with tools and experiences necessary to attain a college degree.

We work with students year-round — offering coaching activities and development activities during the academic year and work internships and life skills training during the summer.

Academic Year Activities

  • One-on-one mentoring with PFF staff 
  • Personal development workshops
    Recent workshops included safe driving practices, green living and, for our young men, “Tied to Greatness,” an image awareness session about the cultural relevance of dressing for success.
  • SAT prep classes
    Horizons Education provides intense SAT prep classes. The increase between pre- and post-testing scores has been as high as 365 points. 
  • Overnight college visits
    Often include special workshops that directly address our students’ needs. College tours also enable students to experience college life and help students start thinking about their college selection process.
  • Coaching on how to complete an application for college and financial aid; fee waivers for college applications
    CollegeLink conducts four hands-on training sessions for our rising seniors and their parents. GUIDES (Gearing Up Individuals to Drive for Educational Success) picks up where CollegeLink leaves off. Community volunteers assist PFF seniors in completing college, scholarship and financial aid applications in group settings and one-on-one.

Seven-Week Summer Session

  • Internship
    Work four days per week at a Corporate Sponsor’s place of business.
  • Personal development
    Spend the fifth day in college tours, community service and mentoring classes.

Financial Assistance

  • Matching Funds
    We match the money our students save toward college, up to $2,000. 
  • Scholarships
    Each year, we award a maximum of three $5,000 Kirshner scholarship awards to PFF graduating students who exemplify the ideals of PFF and our founders’ commitment to excellence. The selection is based on: 
    • Commitment to the PFF Program
    • Work ethic
    • Academic performance
    • Leadership within the program and community
    • Excellent communication skills